Black and Gray Bomber Jacket! [Limited]

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[Please note these are extras we have in stock, so not many remain.]

1. The Bomber Jackets are SHORT in length compared to the hoodies, they are meant to be that way so that they reach just above/or on the waist level. Please consider this before placing an order.

2. The zippers will be a normal zipper (not like the one pictured in the image, but more like the hoodies, a regular zipper.)

3. The Sleeves/Collar/Waist are all polyester so they might not stretch as intended so please keep that in mind. If you have purchased a hoodie from us it will be identical to that.

4. These jackets are different sizing than the hoodies!! Please check the size chart!

Since these are made to order if you get the wrong size there may not be any more of different sizes for you get an exchange, so please keep that in mind.

Please also note that colors and designs can slightly change, we will make sure its 99% accurate as possible!

ATTENTION! WAS YOUR LAST ORDER BEFORE 2019? SIZES HAVE CHANGED!  If you purchased from us before and would like to get a similar size please have a look at this page. (ONLY BOMBERS AND HOODIES, SHIRTS REMAIN THE SAME AS BEFORE!)

Please have a look at the size charts below before placing your order! These sizing's tend to run a little small as they are considered athletic/sports fit, so please go a size higher. When comparing sizes DO NOT compare labels but compare the measurements (as a M in you country might be smaller to a M in another country).

You can try comparing a favorite piece of clothing that fits you well with the chart to get a better approximation of a size will fit you.