White and Black Shirt [Limited]

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The shirt is made from Polyester. The print is printed into the fabric itself so it won't crack or fade over time like regular chest prints.

Please have a look at the size chart here: https://destructodiscdesigns.com/pages/sizes before ordering. If in doubt, compare the size chart with measurements of similar clothing you might own. The shirts fit is considered athletic/sport, so generally go a size up if you are close to a size. If you bought a shirt from us before, please note that the sizes have changed as these shirts are a different cut/material to the previous shirts.

Please also note that colors and designs can slightly change, we will make sure its 99% accurate as possible!

ATTENTION! WAS YOUR LAST ORDER BEFORE 2019? SIZES HAVE CHANGED!  If you purchased from us before and would like to get a similar size please have a look at this page. (ONLY BOMBERS AND HOODIES, SHIRTS REMAIN THE SAME AS BEFORE!)

Please have a look at the size charts below before placing your order! These sizing's tend to run a little small as they are considered athletic/sports fit, so please go a size higher. When comparing sizes DO NOT compare labels but compare the measurements (as a M in you country might be smaller to a M in another country).

You can try comparing a favorite piece of clothing that fits you well with the chart to get a better approximation of a size will fit you.